The primary aim of the workshop is to train professionals, academicians and students in the theoretical and practical aspects of Data and Text Analytics. The workshop will include keynotes, tutorials and laboratory sessions on relevant topics in the area. The main focus is on processing structured data and unstructured texts, as approached from different routes (Linguistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining). Dedicated tutorials each on Weka (from its original creators) and R (with tm package) constitute a key component of the workshop.

The workshop will be ideal for those who are working (or planning to start) in the areas of Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Web Mining, Social Media Analytics etc. The workshop includes distinguished speakers with substantial research/ industry experience in Data and Text Analytics. Some of the topics to be covered in the workshop include: Text Classification and Categorization, Information Extraction, Named Entity Recognition, Document Summarization, Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Relatedness, Wikification, Short text processing and Knowledge graph based NLP. The workshop will run largely in tutorial mode and will aim to have interactive sessions and demonstrations.

The registration to the workshop will be open from 1st Nov. to 12th Nov. 2014. Selections will be done on 13th Nov. and selected participants will be required to pay the registration fee latest by 25th Nov. 2014. There are limited seats available and we plan to have an equal distribution of participants from Industry, faculty members and students.

The workshop participants also have an opportunity to submit papers in the special session on Data and Text Analytics in the International Conference on Congnitive Computing and Information Processing, 3-4 March, 2015. Accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore as per the conference policy.

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